Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Uncover the Scam known as EDC Diamond

Well it's finally starting to happen. There is a serious drop in the exposure of EDC Diamond and EDC Gold in recent months. I've discovered a few things that really explain the details of this home business system that has cheated so many out of their money.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

EDC Diamond - Before you join read this and watch this video

Hi there,

I was once a EDC Gold & EDC Diamond member. Before I quit I recorded an overview of the members Back Office of the products that this home based business system is offering.

I left because the training wasn't in depth enough and kept leaving too many people swinging in the wind with out any success and the loss of there very heft investment. I started working with The Wealth Funnel System because it places serious focus on educating and training members on proper methods and effective techniques for marketing online.

Before make a quick decision with EDC Diamond, EDC Gold or any other online marketing business that is promoting the same old antiquated software and e-books tkae a few moments and read through this information below and watch the video. After that visit the following link to learn greater depth of information about WFS: Wealth Funnel System

You can also read and learn more about EDC Diamond & EDC Gold at the following Squidoo lense: http://www.squidoo.com/edcdiamondscam

EDC Diamond Exposed - Scam or Not?

I just wanted to take a moment on this blog and relay my feelings towards EDC Diamond and EDC Gold. I personally was a member of this program and was very dissappointed with the entire system. I originally joined EDC Gold and was "marginally" successful.

As I have been marketing online and earning my income from the internet for over 12 years now. I thought I was impervious to being caught in a scam. I was wrong. I was informed by my sponsor when I joined that the "Back Office" of EDC Gold was teaming with custom developed software scripts and proprietary software titles that the net has never seen.

I thought great, I could use some new software and scripts to market online and make a few extra dollars here and there. Upon investing my $997.00 into EDC Gold and logging into the "Back Office" I was supremely dissapointed with the quality of the products. It was filled with the same old antiquated software and re-hashed e-books that you find all over the net being marketed by everyone and there brother that don't know how to market online.

Well I was stuck in this business with a $1,000 investment, so I was left with the decision of what to do next? I decided to resale and market the program back to others because EDC Diamond and EDC Gold at least offered training for others to learn to market RIGHT? After all thats what they brag about non-stop "The EDC Gold & EDC Diamond training is world class!" NOT!

The training is all very "HIGH LEVEL" training and it never gets into the real core essentials of proper marketing techniques and tactics for success online. Look at the basic structure of the business. It isn't designed to properly teach people to market. Else you become competition to the "Top Earners" (and these people already know how to market online).....

In December of 2007 EDC Gold did launch and introduce EDC Diamond. This was supposed to cure the above mentioned problem by paying out $500 to every team member below you that was making a sale. Heres the catch as I see it. - It's $2,497 to join EDC Diamond.... Thats $1,500 per sale to the member making the sale, $500 per sale to the mentor of the person making the sale, and last but not least, $497.00 goes to the EDC company.

Heres the GIANT BRICK WALL you run into now: A. the majority of people can't afford $2,497 and the whole time I was in EDC Gold, Craig Garcia (EDC Gold co-owner) preached non-stop about the $1,000 price point being the ultimate price point and anything higher doesn't convert.... What happened to that theory? And B. You're still just reselling the "Home Business Opportunity" over-and-over again ---- HUGE FTC (Federal Trade Commission) VIOLATION and basically putting the entire business model into the category of a "PYRIMID SCHEME".

If you wish to see a sample of the products being offered in the EDC Gold & EDC Diamond Back Office please click the link below to view a YouTube.com video of the products that I recorded prior to leaving EDC Diamond & EDC Gold in January of 2008.....

Visit EDC Diamond Back Office video here ----> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duVcXbLrM_s

Or you can Play it here:

If you're interested in a true marketing business that actually places it's focus on properly educating and training you how to market first and then plugging you into valuable CONSUMER DRIVEN products and services that payout a high commission rate per sale then I urge you to visit The Wealth Funnel System by clicking on the link provided Wealth Funnel System Home Business

Visit this website often for more updates on the EDC Diamond | EDC Gold saga as I expose more of the unfavorable traits of this system that is leaving so many dead along the road side with it's inability to properly train and educate people how to market online.